Pimpri Chinchwad Takes Decisive Action to Boost Road Safety: 194 Driving Licenses Revoked

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Pimpri, 20th August 2023: Pimpri Chinchwad has witnessed a significant stride towards bolstering road safety and imposing rigorous adherence to traffic regulations. The local police force in Pimpri-Chinchwad has executed a sweeping measure to cancel 194 driving licenses, targeting individuals who have repeatedly flouted traffic rules, amassing an alarming number of violation points in the process.


This sweeping action is a pivotal facet of the ongoing initiatives by the local police to instill a profound sense of responsibility and unwavering adherence to traffic norms within the city’s driving populace.


Highlighting their commitment, a Police Inspector stated, “From the beginning of this year until August 18, we submitted a proposal to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for the revocation of licenses belonging to 596 habitual traffic offenders. Out of this cohort, 194 licenses have already been cancelled, with further procedural steps in progress.”


Officials familiar with the situation elucidated that the 194 individuals who faced license revocation had collectively amassed a substantial tally of traffic violation points. The allocation of these points was contingent on the nature and gravity of the transgressions they had committed. The police authorities regarded the conspicuous accumulation of these points as ample grounds for the ensuing license cancellations, intending to radiate a compelling message to the community regarding the indispensability of road safety and scrupulous rule observance.