Pioneering Interventional and Surgical Procedure Saves Life at MH CTC Pune

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Military Hospital (Cardio Thoracic Centre) Pune is a tertiary care hospital of one of its kind in the whole Indian Army which provides state of the art treatment to Lung and Heart patients. The hospital has been providing yeoman service   in the field of medical  care  since its inception for  Army  personnel, their families and even  to civilian  population with  its  ever  progressing  work  ethos, it  has  remained  updated in imbibing  new  technologies developed  in the  field  of  heart  and chest medical care. It  has  remained  updated  even  in acquisition  of  latest   equipment  so as  to ensure  the  best  medical  care  for the  affected population.

Recently a patient aged 59, years father of a serving soldier who had presented with recurrent abdominal pain was diagnosed as a case of multiple abdominal aortic aneurysms.  The Army doctors of MH (CTC) Pune performed a pioneering work by using a new device called Flow Modulator to treat this rare life threatening condition.  This procedure has given a new direction to minimal invasive treating modalities and cured the critical ill patient.

In another instance, 22 years old female patient, wife of a serving soldier was admitted to MH (CTC) in a critical state with Native Mitral Valve Infective Endocarditic (infection of the heart valve) with heart failure.  The patient was taken for emergency open heart surgery and underwent Mitral valve replacement with tricuspid valve repair on 25 Apr 2016.  She was subsequently placed on Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenator (ECMO) support system which is the latest state of art device to support heart and lungs of the patient till the organs recover.

The medical team at the hospital are at par with International doctors in skill and expertise and provides round the clock service not only to Armed Forces personnel but also to many poor civilian patients too.