Playing Teen Patti? The Top Tips and Tricks

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19 Aug 2020: Flush, flash, three-card brag, or the classic, old school Teen Patti — no matter what you call it, the game remains consistent in being one of the most favourite options for South Asians in card gambling.  

Excelling at Teen Patti may not require great caliber, but it sure is not all about luck. Five games down and you would vehemently agree that there’s always room for improvement when it comes to this game’s playing skills. 

While there’s no magic potion that can replace experience, the right use of the following tricks can produce just about the same results.

Tips and Tricks To Master Teen Patti For Beginners

If you have ever played card games, here is what you should know – Teen Patti isn’t that difficult. Don’t believe us? Even if you haven’t played the game ever, all you need to start is to read below. We are sure you will be excited to start your Teen Patti online journey.

Tip 1: Learn The Game, Know The Stakes

Teen Patti is more about technique than about rules, which makes learning the game a matter of experience. Don’t try to gain this experience by delving into the game with all that you’ve got. Know that the experience of observation is golden. Learn how professional players win often but also lose big, observe how they evaluate stakes and start playing without money.

Here’s The Trick: Focus on the larger game rather than individual hands so that you can ensure you have enough to fund more opportunities for yourself.

Tip 2: Assess Risks And Opportunities

You can get nowhere with Teen Patti if for every weak hand you get, you fold. Keeping your risk appetite in mind, bluff when you can with weaker cards. Folding is not always the option.

Here’s The Trick: When most players have folded, confidently bluff even with the smallest of sequence or a single Ace.

Tips And Tricks That Can Help Regular Teen Patti Players To Become Big Money Pros

Tip 1: Memorize and Calculate Moves Of Opponents

The regular deck consists of 52 cards evenly distributed into four pattern varieties — quite a big number if your aim is to memorize what each player is throwing in every hand. 

It may be virtually impossible to do so, however, being mindful about important cards that are already played can help you go a long way in predicting the chances of your opponent having a stronger hand than yours.

Here’s The Trick: Start with memorizing which of the top tier cards — A, K, Q — are done away with. Only once you get a hang of it, should you try finding more patterns otherwise you can easily lose focus. For card rankings and where to apply the strategy, you might find this Teen Patti guide resourceful.

Tip 2: Play Blind

It’s hard to not be intrigued by a player that chooses to play blind. Ironically, that is why noobs in the game love trying to play blind and test their luck. While it’s best to pounce on such opportunities, playing blind with experience is one of the best offensive strategies. 

Contradictory to popular opinion, this move is more about reading opponent’s behavior, assessing their expressions and emotions closely, and then making a decisive choice rather than a sheer stroke of luck.

Here’s The Trick: This move works best when you’re playing with unprofessional players who get easily instigated. Not only will you be able to read them easily, but they will also want to try out in the next hand, leaving you with room for advantage!

Learning to use these simple tips and tricks is as good as having a hand of Ace, King, and Queen. Make sure you use them wisely and gamble responsibly.