PM Modi, Amit Shah speak about Maharashtra, Haryana elections results

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New Delhi, October 24, 2019: Amid the results of the Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah addressed party workers at the BJP headquarters on Thursday.

Shah said in his address that “we have done as much work in the last five months at the Center as governments do in five years.”

After this, PM Modi thanked the people of Haryana and Maharashtra for their support. He said that “we assure the people of both the states that there will be no shortage in your service.”

The Prime Minister said that before the start of Diwali, I heartily congratulate the people of Maharashtra and Haryana for their faith in the BJP. Devendra Fadnavis and Manohar Lal Khattar had their first experience as Chief Ministers in Maharashtra and Haryana respectively. These two leaders were never ministers in any government. Despite not getting an absolute majority in the last election in Maharashtra, our Chief Minister and his team took everyone along and served the state for five years, the result of which is that the public has again reposed faith in us, PM Modi added.

PM Modi further said, “I am sure that under the leadership of Devendra Fadnavis and Manohar Lal Khattar, Maharashtra and Haryana will achieve new heights for five years to come. The political scholars today are analyzing this election. They should know that BJP has won an unprecedented victory in Haryana. This is because the governments change in the states after five years, despite this, it is a big thing to win the election and BJP has become the largest party. Last time, 33 percent votes were polled in the assembly elections, but this time BJP has got 36 percent votes. It also states the achievement of the State Government.”

The Prime Minister said that, “the blessings of the people in the elections are the result of the work done by our two Chief Ministers in the state. We have given impeccable government in both the states. In the first Haryana elections, if we won in double digits, we considered our good fortune. In that case, it is a big thing to come back after remaining in power for five years due working of the new Chief Minister and new team. Many congratulations to the Haryana team and party workers for this.”

The Prime Minister further added, “last time we did not get an absolute majority in Maharashtra. The public had decided that BJP and Shiv Sena would go together. Our government gave stable governance for five years for the first time. This time too, the alliance won the mandate of people of Maharashtra. BJP governments work hard to implement the schemes of the Government of India. At the same time, other parties waste much time in changing the name of the schemes. I assure the people of Maharashtra and Haryana that we will work harder for the last five years.”

Earlier, PM Modi tweeted and thanked the people of Haryana and Maharashtra for supporting the BJP. He said, ‘I thank the people of Haryana for blessing me. We will continue to work with equal enthusiasm and dedication for the progress of the state. I applaud the efforts of the BJP workers of Haryana, who spread our development agenda to the people.”

The Union Home Minister and BJP President Amit Shah thanked the people of Haryana and Maharashtra for reposing faith in the BJP. He described the BJP’s victory in both the states as big and said that in Maharashtra and Haryana, we could never become Chief Ministers earlier. After Modi became Prime Minister in 2014, elections were held in Maharashtra and Haryana and BJP governments were formed. The BJP ran governments with impeccable image in both the states. The NDA has got an absolute majority in Maharashtra, while in Haryana we have emerged as the largest party. We have done as much work at the Center in the last five months as governments do in five years.”

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