PM Narendra Modi Mentions Ayodhya, Mathura, Kashi From Kedarnath, ‘They Are Getting Back The Glory’ 

PM Modi Kedarnath
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Kedarnath, 5th November 2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a big message by referring to Ayodhya, Mathura, Kashi, and Sarnath from the land of Baba Kedarnath. 

On the day after Diwali, he visited Baba Kedar and unveiled the statue of Adi Shankaracharya. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a long speech in which he talked about the development of Uttarakhand, and the revival of pilgrimage sites, while also adding Hindutva strings. 

PM Narendra Modi said that the ongoing operations in Ayodhya, Mathura, Kashi, and Sarnath are restoring our legacy to its former splendour. 

Referring to the organization of Deepotsav in Ayodhya, he said that the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram is getting back its old glory after centuries. On one hand, PM Narendra Modi raised the light of Hindutva by mentioning cultural pride, while on the other hand, he also mentioned the efforts being made by the government in Uttarakhand. He said that this is Uttarakhand’s decade. More people will come in the next 10 years than the number of travelers who have come in the last 100 years. 

After unveiling the statue of Adiguru Shankaracharya and offering prayers to Baba Kedarnath, PM Narendra Modi said that today people are associated with this holy atmosphere in every corner of the country. People are blessing us through virtual mediums despite the fact that they have not physically arrived here. All of you are witnessing the restoration of Shankaracharya’s samadhi. Our country is so vast and has such a great sage tradition that even today more than one ascetic continues to awaken spiritual consciousness in every corner of India. 

Water and youth will now be useful for the mountain, and the government’s work will be counted. 

If there had been no corona, then the number of devotees coming for Chardham Yatra would have been much more. Referring to the measures to stop migration in Uttarakhand, PM Narendra Modi said that now both water and youth will be useful for the mountain. PM Narendra Modi, who had returned to Kedarnath Dham after three years, began his speech by chanting Jai Baba Kedar. 

Whenever I come here, I get attached to every particle 

Many such saints are still in every corner of the country that even a week will be less to list them all. Even if one name is missed, I will be buried under the burden of sin for the rest of my life. 

PM Narendra Modi saluted the saints, saying, “I pray that wherever they are, they would bless us from there.” 

PM Narendra Modi also said that whenever I come to Baba Kedarnath Dham, I get attached to every particle here. Coming here gives such a feeling that I have no words to express it. I was with the soldiers on the occasion of Diwali and today I am on the land of soldiers.