Tribute To Martyrs, Sweets To Jawans… Know What PM Modi Did In Nowshera 

PM Modi with Army soldiers Diwali
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New Delhi, 4th November 2021: The Prime Minister, as he does every year, spent Deepawali with the jawans this year. He began by first paying respects to the martyrs. On the occasion of Diwali, he also fed sweets to the soldiers. 

Prime Minister Modi said that ‘I have brought the blessings of 130 crore people here with me.’ 

The Prime Minister stated during his speech that we must adapt and strengthen our military capabilities to suit the changing world and changing mode of warfare. He stated that the border and coastal areas, which before lacked conventional access and communication, now have roads and optical fibre. This increases the army’s deployment capacity as well as the soldiers’ facilities. 

Underlining the efforts of his government to develop indigenous capabilities, Prime Minister Modi said that we used to depend mainly on imports in the defence sector. Now the situation has changed. 

Prime Minister Modi underlined the government’s efforts to enhance indigenous capabilities, saying that in the defence sector, we used to rely primarily on imports but the situation has now changed. 

During this, he paid tribute to the martyred soldiers and said that our soldiers are the ‘protection shield’ of ‘Maa Bharti’. PM Modi told the jawans that the role played by the brigade here in the surgical strike fills every citizen of the country with pride. 

During this time, he paid tribute to the martyred warriors, saying that our soldiers are ‘Maa Bhartis’ ” protective shield.” PM Modi told the jawans that the brigade’s role in the surgical strike brings pride to every citizen of the country. 

PM Modi stated, “Today, I have come among you. Today, I’ll take you with renewed energy, enthusiasm, and faith. I haven’t come alone; I have brought the blessings of 130 crore countrymen for you. In the name of your valor, sacrifice, and penance, every citizen of India will continue to wish you many good wishes with the light of that lamp.”  

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