PMC and Pune City Police Unite Against Encroachments: Joint Campaign Launched

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Pune, 31st January 2024: To combat encroachments, illegal constructions, and disturbances to public spaces, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is teaming up with the Pune City Police for a joint campaign. The initiative will be led by three appointed nodal officers, aiming to streamline efforts in enforcing law and order in the city.

The decision to launch a joint action plan was made during a meeting between PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar and Pune City Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr. The collaboration involves an additional police commissioner of the crime branch, the deputy commissioner of police, and the deputy commissioner of the PMC Encroachment Department, who will serve as nodal officers to oversee the joint efforts.

One of the primary focuses of this collaboration is to address encroachments, unauthorized constructions, and the occupation of footpaths by pedestrians. A comprehensive plan will be devised to ensure coordinated action, with a commitment to cracking down on malpractices and enhancing the safety of municipal employees who often face attacks during such operations.

The meeting highlighted instances where police involvement was lacking, hindering the PMC’s ability to take effective action against violators. To bridge this gap, the appointment of nodal officers is expected to facilitate communication and coordination between the PMC and the police administration.

PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar raised concerns about the attacks on officers and employees during operations, emphasizing the need for immediate attention from the police. To address this, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, along with the Deputy Commissioner of PMC’s Encroachment Department, Madhav Jagtap, have been designated as nodal officers responsible for prompt action against those obstructing PMC operations.

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The collaboration aims to ensure prompt filing of cases related to abuse and violence against PMC officials and employees during unauthorized construction operations. Regular meetings every 15 days have been scheduled to review the progress and effectiveness of the joint action plan.

Additionally, to control illegal constructions in the city, the Additional Commissioner of PMC Ravindra Binwade will review the situation every fortnight. The focus will be on scrutinizing notices issued to owners of unauthorized constructions, the actions taken, and the proper disposal of seized materials. PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar emphasized that this joint effort will target a more effective and streamlined approach to combat unauthorized constructions and enhance the overall safety of PMC operations.