PMC Collaborates with Google Maps to Locate Speed Breakers in Pune

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Pune, 26th December 2023: In a pioneering move aimed at bolstering road safety measures, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has announced plans to incorporate comprehensive data on speed breakers into popular GPS applications, notably Google Maps. This strategic initiative seeks to benefit both citizens and government entities by providing crucial information about these road fixtures.

A recent high-level meeting convened by key stakeholders from the PMC’s road department, traffic planning department, and other relevant bodies highlighted the paramount importance of model roads, effective traffic management, and the regulation of speed breakers. Recognizing the pressing need to address these concerns, the road department and traffic management department jointly resolved to develop an application for Google Maps dedicated to mapping speed breakers across the city.

Amidst concerns raised by PMC engineers regarding the installation of speed breakers that often disregard the standards outlined by the Indian Road Congress, the city currently boasts more than 2,500 speed breakers of varying sizes and designs, as disclosed by PMC’s road department. Access to this exhaustive speed breaker data will be extended to GPS providers, empowering commuters to pinpoint these road impediments with precision along individual routes. This initiative aims to not only alleviate the discomfort experienced by drivers due to abrupt speed breakers but also play a pivotal role in averting accidents and regulating vehicle speeds.

Elaborating further on the initiative, a PMC traffic planner emphasized the corporation’s proposal to collaborate with navigation companies, acknowledging the widespread use of GPS systems by car rental services and the integration of such technology in luxury vehicles. Given the ubiquitous use of Google Maps among users, the corporation intends to share this vital speed breaker information with the platform, ensuring its widespread dissemination.

The implementation of this groundbreaking approach signifies PMC’s unwavering commitment to reducing roadside accidents and fostering a safer road environment for all commuters. By leveraging GPS technology to disseminate crucial data on speed breakers, the initiative aims to revolutionize travel experiences, minimize road mishaps, and optimize vehicular speeds across Pune.