PNG Jewellers launches Pure price offer and Vedhani E Vouchers to facilitate gold buying for Akshay Tritiya

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Pune 20 April 2020 :

PNG jewellers announced the launch of Vedhani E – Vouchers and the Pure Price offer to facilitate booking of gold for Akshay Tritiya. These offers are currently available on their website, Customers availing these offers can now book gold on Akshay Tritiya and have the delivery of the same once the lockdown ends. The Vedhani E-vouchers are available in 1,2,5 & 10 gms of bullion only.

Traditionally, Akshay Tritiya has been a day of fervent gold buying across the country. Buying gold on Akshay Tritiya is considered to be very auspicious. This year, with the ongoing covid crisis and all retail stores being shut during this auspicious period have disappointed many consumers unable to make traditional gold purchases at a time when gold prices are rising almost every day and gold once again has become the favorite mode of investment the world over.

To protect the interest of the consumers in times of continuous increase in gold prices, PNG jewellers has also launched the Pure Price offer. The Pure Price offer works in a way where customers can still avail the booking rates post the lockdown in case the prevailing rates are higher. In the event of the gold rates falling below the booking rates, customers can avail the benefits of the lower rates. This allows consumers to book their investments online while being protected from higher gold rates post lockdown and at the same time, benefit from a fall in gold rates.

Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director, PNG Jewellers said,” Customers across India and the world over have supported us for more than 187 years now. We are very disappointed that our patrons would miss out on buying gold on the day of Akshay Tritiya. Hence, we have launched these offers to thank all our patrons and tell them that we are here to serve them and facilitate gold buying on Akshay Tritiya while ensuring their interests are fully protected. We continue to urge people to not step out of their homes, continue to be safe, healthy and indoors during this difficult period.”