Pune Porsche Case: Corruption Scandal Rocks Inquiry Committee In Blood Sample Tampering Probe

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Pune, 28th May 2024: Shocking revelations have emerged in the aftermath of the Porsche accident case in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar, where a minor driver, the son of builder Vishal Agarwal of Bramha Realty and Infrastructure, was involved in a fatal collision that claimed lives of two young IT professionals.

It has been alleged that attempts were made to manipulate evidence by altering the samples of the accused at Sassoon Hospital. As investigations deepen, the formation of an inquiry committee has been marred by accusations of corruption against its chairperson.

The committee was established to probe malpractices related to the medical examination and treatment process at Sassoon Hospital concerning the Porsche accident case. Dr. Pallavi Saple has been appointed as the chairperson of this committee, alongside Dr. Gajanan Chavan and Dr. Sudhir Chaudhary. However, questions have been raised regarding the selection of Dr. Saple, given the allegations of corruption against her.

Dr. Saple, hailing from the Grant Government Medical College and Sir J.J. Hospital, faces serious allegations of corruption and misconduct. These accusations stem from her tenure at Miraj Government Medical College and later at JJ Hospital. Shiv Sena Shinde Group MLA Yamini Jadhav has accused Dr. Saple of engaging in corrupt practices, including accepting commissions on medical purchases and misappropriating funds.

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It has been alleged that Dr. Saple submitted inflated monthly bills for rental cars, amounting to Rs. 1 lakh, despite the actual cost being significantly lower. Additionally, during her time at Miraj Government Medical College, Dr. Saple purportedly earned Rs. 13 lakh by unauthorized sales of blood plasma, using the proceeds to acquire an ambulance. These allegations have cast a shadow over Dr. Saple’s credibility and the integrity of the committee’s investigation.