PortraitFlip: A Pune-Based Startup That Went From Rs 23,000 Boy’s Hostel Room Idea To A Rs 6 Crores Global Venture

PortraitFlip Startup Pune
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Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 6 April 2021: In a world with a major drive towards digital advancements, PortraitFlip, a Pune-based startup is breaking ground rules by delivering handmade paintings.

PortraitFlip, as the name foretells, is e-commerce that turns photos into handmade portraits. With a wide variety and medium to offer to its customers, PortraitFlip also creates one painting with multiple photos; it goes by the name of compilation portraits.

Sunny Choudhary, the founder of PortraitFlip said, “This venture was born in the Hostel Room of Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai as a response to a sorry state.” One of Sunny’s friends was achingly looking for a handmade painting from a photo for his girlfriend but most of them were charging an arm and a leg to deliver to India. 

A riposte to this maudlin tale was the initiation of PortraitFlip that demanded a one-time Rs 23,000 to return an incredible 6 crores within two and a half years of commencement. 

As a budding entrepreneur Sunny catered to all the operational needs of his little brainchild by smartly dividing the work among his best friends. From partnering up with maestros of the art world to setting up the website and eventually working out safe international shipping, Sunny did it all with a major credit to his two best friends. 

A hit startup requires thorough research and a patient mind. Despite waiting for the one true order for almost three months, Sunny did not lose his calm and instead started reading on to things. Great achievements come to people who do not give up trying, and with that Sunny started experimenting with the website. 

The technology works in mysterious ways and with one round of Google Ads, PortraitFlip’s sale two-folded within 6 months. Sunny often talks about the distressing times when all his efforts mostly went in vain, but it is astonishing how he managed to pull this idea to a startup yielding 6 crores. 

“PortraitFlip is giving a tough competition to many US-Based companies who are in the same business because of its professional quality and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee”, says Choudhary. 

All it takes is a heart that knows not to stop, and a mind that can work tirelessly to see its creation grow. 

Since the inception, this Pune-based startup has been painting big pictures for itself across the globe. One can safely say that PortraitFlip is one of the top companies to deliver handmade paintings around the world. 

With the vision of bringing to the foreground the unsung maestros of the art world and delivering picture-perfect portraits on demand, PortraitFlip is slowly expanding its team of 150 artists. 

“India has a jewel of artists, and our vision is to show their artistry to the world. They are the base of our business,” believes Choudhary. “We, at PortraitFlip, aim towards creating and promoting approximately 500 independent artists including Indian masters by the end of 2022.”

Besides, supporting the least asked section of our community, PortraitFlip is growing its in-office team of marketing specialists to run the entire operations that are targeting to hit 15 crores by the end of 2021. 

Choudhary claims, “I am charmed to have a team of 10 renegades who form the skeleton of PortraitFlip. I don’t think I would be any close to reaching such a presence without them.”

Choudhary firmly believes that the youth of the country have the power to make or break an institution. Keeping this thought alive, PortraitFlip is performing a responsible duty of boosting the economy by employing potential youth and giving them space to sprout. 

“The idea is to keep growing with every step so that one day when we look back, we have the best version of us, our team, and PortraitFlip.”