Power Outage Plagues Wagholi Residents; MSEDCL Authorities Unresponsive

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Sumit Singh 

Wagholi, 4th June 2023: Frustration and inconvenience have gripped the residents of Wagholi as they endure a prolonged power outage that began earlier this afternoon. Numerous citizens took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the lack of response from the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) authorities.

One resident, expressing concern for vulnerable members of the community, highlighted the adverse effects of the power cut. “No ETA means people living in #wagholi cannot have dinner, cannot sleep because our @MSEDCL doesn’t know the ETA,” they stated. “We need to think about small kids and older people who are already suffering on this hot day. A simple statement of no ETA means we can wait the whole night.”

As the hours ticked by, the power outage persisted, leaving residents frustrated and inconvenienced. Nitin Bhor, sharing his disappointment on Twitter, revealed that there had been no electricity in the Wagholi – Kesnand Road area for a staggering seven hours.

A store’s metal signboard toppled onto an electricity pole during a thunderstorm. This incident resulted in a disruption to the power supply in Kesanand village and its surrounding areas. Repair work is currently underway to rectify the issue. Furthermore, maintenance activities on the transmission lines of the 220 kV substations from Katapur to Ranjangaon resulted in a scheduled interruption of power supply until 4:30 pm. As a result, areas such as Vadu Khurd, Tulapur, and Fulgaon Estate will experience a power outage, affecting approximately two thousand customers until 11 pm.

While MSEDCL authorities were unresponsive to citizen complaints on social media, they did issue a message to consumers acknowledging the power failure due to a heavy rain-induced fault in the high-tension (HT) line. The restoration of electricity was expected by 5:30 pm, according to the message. However, despite the announcement, electricity remained unavailable in Wagholi.

In response to the escalating frustration, Punekar News reached out to MSEDCL PRO Nashikant Raut, who confirmed awareness of the power outage in Kesanand Wagholi but expressed unawareness about the situation in the city. Raut assured the publication that electricity would be restored soon.

Meanwhile, residents of housing societies in Wagholi voiced their frustration, citing financial losses due to the power outage. The prolonged absence of electricity resulted in a surge in diesel consumption for society and household purposes, leading to increased maintenance costs and additional bills due to frequent inverter charging. They lamented the indirect benefits reaped by MSEDCL through this ordeal.