Preparations for ‘Census 2021’ started,  a pre-test to be conducted in August- September

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Mumbai, Date. 14th:  Census pre-test of all phases will take place around August- September 2019 under ‘Census 2021’ preparations.  These pre-tests will be held at rural and urban areas in selected districts.  Census data will be collected online for the first time and its accuracy will be checked in ‘pre-test’.

Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India, New Delhi has started the preparations for the country’s enormous administrative task – Census 2021.  Revolutionary changes are proposed for upcoming Census data collection.

Census Commissioner of India, New Delhi had organized a state level trainer’s training regarding the topic. The training was organized between 3rd June to 11th June 2019 at YASHADA, Pune. Rashmi Zagade, Director of Census Operation inaugurated the training programme on 3rd June.

National level trainers gave training to the trainers from Maharashtra, Gujrat, Telangana, and Goa, at YASHADA. These state-level trainers will give training to district level trainers in the next phase. On the last day of training, state-level trainers collected data for testing. The data was collected from a selected rural and urban area in Pune district.

Mrs. Zagade said in the training inauguration that ‘pre-test’ would be a dress rehearsal of Census and if it is done accurately; it will be possible to decide questionnaire, suggestion booklet, data collection, and data editing style for actual Census.

Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India Vivek Joshi were present for the epilogue.  Shri. Joshi said that ‘pre-test’ is an important stage for Census 2021.  Online data collection is proposed for the first time and its accuracy will be tested in ‘pre-test’.  If the data is collected online in Census 2021, it will help to draw government policy and researchers will get necessary Census data.