Private universities and the government should work together on new education Policy

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Pune, 9th Sep, 2020 : ‘The government maintained healthy communication, interaction & dialogue with private universities and leading institutions in the field of education. If there is no communication and mutual understanding it will hamper students’ development. Governments and educational institutions will have to work on student-centric policy. PERA, (Preeminent Education & Research Association) an association of private universities, always plays the role of implementing new education policy in the country. Government’s intention to appoint a representative from a private university to the relevant committee while implementing the new education policy. The government will always work in collaboration with private universities, said Uday Samant, Higher and Technical Education Minister, Maharashtra.


The Virtual Education Fair was organized on Wednesday (9th) by PERA an association of private universities. The Fair inaugurated by Uday Samant as chief guest. Prof. Dr. Mangesh Karad, President, PERA and Executive president MIT ADT University, Bharat Agarwal, Vice President, Dr. Swati Muzamdar, Dr. Sudhir Gawhane, Dr. Sandip Jha was also present.


Minister . Uday Samant said private universities were established in the state in 2014. Since then, these universities have made a great contribution in the field of education. The Corona crisis is everywhere and by overcoming it, the students of Maharashtra should become academically strong. The Education Fair organized by PERA will be torchlight for education in Maharashtra. Governments and PERA organizations will have to work hand in hand. Private universities have many problems. The government take initiative to solve this problem. The universities need 25-acre land to start their educational courses. This is an important condition for setting up a government or private university in the state. The state government has decided to reconsider it. The idea is to implement the concept of Vertical University in the state, which will not have a space condition, so it will pave the way for the establishment of new universities.


Dr. Mangesh Karad said, Maharashtra has given the country a model in higher education. The new education policy allows some foreign universities to come to India. We have competition with international universities. We will continue to work for the best of Next Practice. We will be making a think tank for guide the higher education of the state.