Public Peace Disrupted in Pune Rural: Lonavala Police Take Action Against Bungalow Party Goers

Lonavala city police station
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Lonavala, 8th April 2024: The Lonavala City Police have initiated legal proceedings against a group of ten individuals who disrupted public peace by engaging in dancing and riotous behaviour, accompanied by loud music, well past midnight on Saturday (6th April) within a bungalow premises in Lonavala. Among those involved were six young women from Lonavala, and upon the arrival of law enforcement, several individuals hastily departed the scene, leaving behind their vehicles which have since been confiscated.

Satyasai Karthik, Assistant Superintendent of Police for the Lonavala Sub-Division, disclosed that within the confines of a bungalow identified as S-4 in the Tungarli area of Lonavala, a group was causing disturbances to public peace by engaging in rowdy behaviour and playing excessively loud music late into the night. Acting upon confidential intelligence, it was revealed that the group was indulging in lewd conduct and dancing, prompting the immediate formation of a task force comprising personnel from the Sub Divisional Police Office and the Lonavala City Police Station. As a result, nine individuals were apprehended, their sound equipment confiscated, and a formal case was lodged at the Lonavala City Police Station.

Bungalow owners in and around the Lonavala city area are urged to ensure that no illicit activities occur within their premises when renting out their properties. Satyasai Karthik and Police Inspector Suhas Jagtap emphasized that all rental information must be duly submitted to the police station, warning of potential legal repercussions otherwise. Furthermore, it was noted that the task of compiling information regarding rented bungalows in Lonavala City has been undertaken by the Lonavala City Police Station.

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This operation was conducted under the supervision of Superintendent of Police Pankaj Deshmukh, Additional Superintendent of Police Ramesh Chopde, and Assistant Superintendent of Police Satyasai Karthik. Police Inspector Suhas Jagtap of Lonavla City provided directives for the operation.

The investigative efforts are being led by Police Sub-Inspector Srikant Joshi, with the support of Police Constables Mayur Abnave, Shinde, Sonawane, Female Police Constable Nimbalkar, Police Constables Shinde, Yelwande, Ghongde, and Pawar. Sub-Inspector Shrikant Joshi is conducting the inquiry under the guidance of Police Inspector Suhas Jagtap.