Pune: 100th All India Marathi Natya Sammelan Brings Cultural Renaissance Through Folk Arts

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Pimpri-Chinchwad, 4th January 2024: As the 100th All India Marathi Natya Sammelan unfolds, traditional folk artists are playing a pivotal role in transforming Pimpri-Chinchwad and Pune cities into vibrant hubs of theatrical gatherings. Memories of renowned artists such as Pingala, Gandhari, Vasudev, and others are captivating the public’s attention, which is being utilised to invite citizens to participate in early morning theatrical meetings that infuse the industrial city with a rich cultural atmosphere.

In a unique approach, folk artists donned as characters like Vasudev, are employing propaganda songs to entice citizens to the world of theatre.

Bhausaheb Bhoir, the visionary organizer of the Natya Sammelan, expressed his enthusiasm for this cultural integration. He acknowledged the fading glory of folk art and decided to utilize it to promote the 100th Natya Sammelan. Bhoir emphasized that this initiative has not only provided employment opportunities for folk artists but has also reintroduced these traditional forms to theatre enthusiasts.

“These folk artists, including Bharudi, Pingala, Gandhari, Vasudev, Bhill, Dombari, and Dhangar, hailing from Nilanga, Osmanabad, Solapur, and Akola, are the backbone of our cultural heritage. We aim to celebrate this theatrical gathering by incorporating all elements of our diverse folk traditions,” stated Bhausaheb Bhoir.

The innovative approach of blending traditional folk arts with modern theatre has received positive responses from both citizens and event organizers. This unique collaboration is not only enriching the 100th All India Marathi Natya Sammelan but also bridging the gap between the roots of our cultural heritage and the contemporary theatre scene.