92% Prime Academy Pune Students Crossed 90 Percentile Mark In JEE Mains

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Pune, 10th March 2021: Results of the 1st phase of JEE 2021 Mains have been declared. Still, there is lots of time for JEE Advanced and subsequent JEE mains. A strategic revision plan and thorough analysis of Feb Mains will make lots of difference in the final result. The student must go through previous year JEE Mains and AIEEE papers and should cover those topics which are exclusively asked in JEE mains. eg EM Waves, Semiconductors, Photometry, Communication system, Mathematical reasoning, statistics etc. Many direct formulae based easy problems are asked from these topics in JEE mains. The student should take proper sleep and avoid rigorous studies a day before the exam.

“During the exam, the state of mind of a student makes lots of difference. It is very important to keep a cool and anxiety-free head when you are in front of the computer screen. Instead of concentrating on the question on the screen, many times students keep on wondering and anticipating the exam result and press panic buttons. At Prime Academy, apart from teaching, our faculty team try to ensure that all our students should have a correct state of mind and to achieve this we take a special session with all our students just a day before the exam” said Lalit Kumar, Founder Director, Prime Academy Pune.

More than 92% of Prime Academy students have crossed 90 percentile score in JEE mains 2021 1st phase

Those who have already got more than 99 percentile in 1st mains can start focusing on JEE advanced. “We are trying our best to ensure that all Prime Academy students should clear JEE Mains and then do well in JEE Advanced as well. Many of our students have got more than 99 percentile, in 1st JEE mains, but still, we have suggested all of them to appear for all four JEE Mains. It will help them to get accustomed to exam scenario and improve their exam temperament,” said Kumar, who graduated from IIT Bombay in 2002 and has been mentoring students for JEE and NEET for the last 18 years.

“The difference between successful students and the not so successful ones is not the students’ lack of intelligence or talent, but the lack of determination and right mentorship. A strong team of permanent and consistent faculty & unmatched success ratio in JEE are the USP of Prime. That makes Prime Academy the best IIT coaching institute in Pune” said DC Pandey sir, the most renowned author for Physics across the country, who enrolled his son in Prime Academy and took the charge as the mentor. Click https://youtu.be/s-7NjEzZ5D4 for the important tips by physics maestro, DC Pandey sir.

Mustafa Chasmai aced Pune by securing an All India Rank of 91 in IIT JEE 2019 Advanced. From the entire Pune, he was the only student to make it to the International Physics Olympiad camp in 2019. Click https://youtu.be/BmOxfPdyzWo to know about many important tips about IIT JEE.

When we asked about the success mantra to crack IIT JEE by superseding 99.999% of the nation, Mustafa replied “Early start was the key. Most of the maths/science topics of 11th /12th std are included in 9th std books. Instead of superficially finishing those topics, I joined the foundation course for class 9th and over there I was taught those topics in depth. Subsequently, I could afford to solve higher-level problems of physics/maths in 11th when most of my batch mates were trying to learn very basic concepts only. That gave me lots of time to practice and analyze many mock tests. All thanks to the plan chalked out by my father and Prime Academy’s teachers.”

In Feb 2021, the number of students appearing for this JEE mains was very less as compared to the total number of engineering aspirants and hence percentile of almost everybody got affected. Typically 9 lakhs student appear for JEE every year but only 6 lakh appeared in Feb.

It is important to note that most of the good students were present in the 1st phase of the exam. For the same relative performance, if you want to know your more accurate percentile in an exam, where all 9 Lakh students appear like previous years then use this formula 33.33+(2x/3) percentile. Here “x” is your current percentile. For example – If your current percentile is 90, then you can expect 93.33 in an exam wherein all 9L students will appear. This formula will have more accuracy for higher percentiles.