Pune: 115 Mm Rainfall Recorded In 4 Hours In Lonavla

tourists at Visapur fort Lonavala Pune
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Lonavla, 13th July 2022: A record 115 mm of rain was recorded in Lonavla between 7 am and 11 am today. It has been raining heavily in Lonavla since this morning.

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Tata Dam chief Basavaraj Munnot has informed that if the rains continue, the water from Lonavla dam will flow to Lonavla city in the next 24 hours.


Roads in Lonavla city like Nangargaon, Valvan, Tungarli, Raywood, Bara Bangla, Bajar area, Bhangarwadi, and bus stand area have been submerged due to heavy rains.


The administration has appealed to the citizens not to leave their homes without important work as the rains are intensifying.