Pune: 17-Year-Old Girl Who Died From Brain Haemorrhage Gives Life To Four Patients Through Organ Donation

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Vivek Patil

Pune 21st August 2021: A 17-year-old minor girl suffered an intracranial haemorrhage, was declared brain dead by doctors on 18th August, AT Dr DY Patil Hospital and Research Centre in Pimpri.

Her parents and close relatives gave consent to donate her organs. With such an act, the family facilitated this year’s 21st multiorgan donation, which aims to give the gift of life to patients who are in dire need.

The lungs of the woman were urgently flown to KIMS in Hyderabad, her liver and one of her kidneys were allocated to a patient from DY Patil Hospital and Research Centre, while the other kidney was given to a patient in Jehangir Hospital.

The organs donated were allocated as per criteria laid down by the State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization(SOTTO), Regional Organ and tissue Transplant Organization (ROTTO), and the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO). The Zonal Transplant Co-ordination Centre( ZTCC) Pune and Dr DY Patil Hospital and Research Center were able to facilitate this donation due to the continued support of the Pune Airport Authorities and Traffic Police of Pune and PCMC, informed ZTTC Coordinator Arti Gokhale.

Mayuri Barge, Transplant Manager at the Dr DY Patil Hospital and Research Centre, told Punekarnews.in “firstly the acceptance of the death was tremendously difficult and painful for the parent’s relatives. We had to make them understand what brain dead actually meant. We used audio-visual mediums to explain them. They weren’t aware of organ donation. As we counselled them and convinced the secondary relatives and then the mother. The mother consented to donate the organs as she felt that because of her daughter someone else’s life would be saved.”

She added, “There is still very little awareness about organ donation among people but if given the proper information and their doubts are clarified, people are more open to organ donation. The rigidity can remain only on religious aspects.”

According to ZTCC, there are currently 1600 patients waiting for a kidney transplant, 75 for a liver transplant, and 50 for lung transplants.