Pune: 22 police constables, officers dismissed, suspended for misconduct

Pune Police Commissioner office in Camp
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Mehab Qureshi
Pune, August 25, 2020: A total of 22 policemen, including two officers of the Pune City Police, have been suspended and dismissed for serious offences like rape, kidnapping, extortion, bribery and misconduct.


Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Crime Ashok Morale said that the action has been taken against the constables and officers found guilty in the departmental inquiry that started in 2014. In 2019, only eight constables were fired. An average of six to eight police constables has been dismissed every year in the last five years.


Morale also said that some constables or officers get involved in organized crime to get money for their greed. Meanwhile, extortion charges were filed against a senior police officer recently, while another police officer was charged with rape. There have also been cases of bribery in the last few months. This has created a negative image of the police department.

“On the other hand, the police’s image has been polished by the police’s support to the common people during the ongoing COVID period. However, in 16 separate cases of severe misconduct and criminal offences, Pune police arrested 20 constables. Two officers with the rank of sub-inspector and assistant inspector were sacked after investigating their role in criminal cases. Nevertheless, the courts will continue to hear criminal cases against them. It is hoped that such criminal elements in the police force will be dealt with severely, and cases will be registered against them without any departmental inquiry”, summed Add CP Morale.