Pune: 47 Trains Delayed By Chain Pulling, Many Passengers Trains Affected

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Pune, 21st February 2023: Railway trains departing from Pune station are affected by ‘ACP’ (Alarm Chain Pulling). For various reasons, the train is stopped by pulling the chain in the coach when the train leaves the passenger platform. Due to this, the trains are getting late resulting in Passenger trains getting delayed. Therefore, passengers are directly affected.

This kind of thing is happening in the case of long-distance trains departing from Pune station. Once the chain is pulled, a train is delayed by at least eight to ten minutes. If one train is delayed, other trains behind it are also affected. Due to this, the railway administration is worried. Although there is a patrol of RPF and GRP, the passengers are stopping the train by pulling the chain despite them. Around 42 incidents of chain pulling have taken place in the last 20 days. 47 passenger trains have been directly affected by this.

The train stops when the passengers pull the chain in the coach. If there is an RPF personnel on the platform at that time, the officials go to the concerned compartment and search for the passenger who pulled the chain. If the passenger is found, he is detained. This time he gives various reasons. In this, the concerned passenger mostly says that another passenger stayed down, the luggage was forgotten on the platform or the mobile phone fell. However, since all these are illegal, RPF is taking punitive action against them.


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