Pune: 81,000 New Power Connections in Last Two Months

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Pune, 12th May 2021: As many as 81,596 new power connections have been commissioned in the Pune regional division of MSEDCL in March and April. This includes 58,990 new domestic, 10261 commercials, 1964 industrial and 9620 new agricultural pumps and 761 new connections.

In the last two months, a total of 50,870 new power connections have been provided in the Pune district, including 40,510 domestic, 6239 commercials, 884 industrial, 2893 agricultural pumps and 344 others.

In Satara district, a total of 8320 power connections including 5088 domestic, 947 commercials, 111 industrial, agricultural pump 2083 and 91 others, in Solapur district 3357 domestic, 642 commercials, 642, industrial 153, agricultural pump 2338, and other 70 total 6 thousand. 560 new connections have been commissioned.

In Sangli district 3330 domestic, commercial 821, industrial 94, agricultural pump 1374 and other 88 total 5707 and in Kolhapur district domestic 6705, commercial 1612, industrial 722, agricultural pump 932, and other 168 total 10 thousand 139 new Power connections are provided.

The Corona crisis has created the need for increased power loads to urgently increase the capacity of oxygen generation projects. MSEDCL has taken steps to implement the additional power load in just 24 to 48 hours after receiving the application and immediate approval and completion of necessary technical works by the customer. In this, 4 large oxygen generating projects in 24 to 48 hours in Pune regional division have been given new power connections and increased power load while seven Covid hospitals have been given new power connections.

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