Pune: AAP Alleges Violation of Supreme Court Order in Cancellation of Reservation of Playground at Katraj Gaothan

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Katraj, 8th January 2024: State Vice President of Aam Aadmi Party Maharashtra, Vijay Kumbhar, has written to Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Commissioner Vikram Kumar, expressing serious concerns about the potential cancellation of the reservation of the playground at Katraj Gaothan. The letter accuses the city improvement committee of PMC of attempting to allocate the space to Katraj Dairy in violation of a Supreme Court order.

In the letter, Kumbhar highlights that the reservation of the playground was incorporated in the development plan (DP) of PMC at Survey No. 132 (Part) to 133 (Part) in Katraj. However, recent decisions by the city improvement committee indicate a move to change the reservation and allocate the space to Katraj Dairy. This action, if implemented, would contradict the Supreme Court order emphasizing the significance of preserving reservations, especially those related to the well-being of children.

The letter references the guidelines established by the Supreme Court, particularly in the Girish Vyas case, regarding the removal or modification of reservations, especially those impacting the future of children. The Supreme Court has stressed the importance of protecting spaces reserved for public amenities from the interests of builders, emphasizing that decisions and conduct must be above board to maintain institutional trust.

Kumbhar urges the postponement of the proposal for changing the reservation at Katraj Gaothan and advocates for a thorough examination of the necessity for such a modification. He warns of potential legal action, including filing a complaint against all concerned parties, if the Supreme Court order is disregarded.