Pune Metro-Airport Link Delay Sparks Public Outcry and Political Tensions

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Pune, 9th January 2023: The city of Pune finds itself embroiled in a transportation conundrum as the delay in the completion of the first phase of the Pune metro continues to irk citizens and spark political discord. The Congress party has raised fervent objections to the protracted delay in the inauguration of the Pune metro’s initial phase, a project initiated eight years ago by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Expressing their discontent, the party staged a protest at the metro office, highlighting the pressing need for enhanced public transportation to alleviate the city’s escalating traffic woes.

The completion of crucial routes from Ruby Hall to Ramwadi and Civil Court to Swargate is vital to address the burgeoning transport issues faced by Punekars. Of particular concern is the astonishing absence of a metro link to the airport, an anomaly in global metro systems. This oversight has drawn criticism, with citizens questioning the logic behind Pune’s metro system remaining disconnected from the airport, unlike other cities worldwide where metro-airport connectivity is standard practice.


Mohan Joshi, emphasizing the severity of the situation, has called upon the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to identify a solitary road in Pune devoid of crippling traffic congestion. The absence of adequate transport solutions exacerbates the city’s traffic woes, necessitating urgent action for seamless connectivity and improved commuting options for residents.


This delay in Pune’s metro development has triggered public outcry and political tensions, underscoring the need for swift resolution and proactive measures to ensure efficient and well-connected public transportation systems. As the city grapples with escalating traffic concerns, the urgency to expedite the completion of the Pune metro’s first phase and establish a vital link to the airport remains a top priority for Pune’s transportation authorities and political stakeholders.