Pune: AAP Member Files Petition At NGT Against Ongoing Pollution In Ram Nadi

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Bavdhan, 5th April 2023: Krunnal Gharre, an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) politician from Bavdhan has complained to the National Green Tribunal (NGT), Pune regarding the growing pollution in Ram Nadi.

According to Krunnal’s petition, the Ram Nadi sees the discharge of untreated sewage resulting in river pollution, and its ancillary water bodies posing health risks to residents in the river’s vicinity, the destruction of the natural flora and fauna of the river, and most importantly, the pollution caused to the freshwater streams.

Ramnadi, a significant river that passes through Pune and confluences in Aundh, is troubled by unlawful encroachments, pollution, and citizen waste dumping, and to compound the problems, wilful neglect by the executive. The dumping of trash and the broken sewage pipe near Ryan School under the NH bypass are the first relevant facts in the petition mentioned above.

“According to satellite photos we gathered in 2018, this significant drainage route was disrupted. Even with a modest estimate of 1.5 LPM, this drainage system releases over five to LPM of untreated sewage per minute into the river, releasing 15,35,76,000 litres of sewage from just one site,” he added further.

He also stated that he had brought this to the attention of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) and the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Reportedly, MPCB has instructed PMC to fix the said issue, but PMC has been taking their time with such a delicate issue.

Krunaal stated that another location near Vaidehi Society in Bavdhan Khurd has a registered freshwater spring that provides 1.5L litres of drinking water daily.

The petition was submitted on 3rd April 2023 as the PMC declined to take the action regarding the said issue.