Pune: Accident Strikes Opening Day of Pandharpur’s Ashadhi Vari, Six Injured

Pune: Accident Strikes Opening Day of Pandharpur's Ashadhi Vari, Six Injured
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Pune, 11th June 2023: Pandharpur’s renowned pilgrimage event, Ashadhi Wari, commenced yesterday, but unfortunately, it was marred by a major accident on its very first day. A devastating collision involving an ST bus and a pickup vehicle occurred at Bhorwadiphata on the Pune-Pandharpur route in Purandar taluka, leaving six passengers injured.

The incident took place when an ST bus, en route from Pandharpur to Pune, collided head-on with a pickup tempo traveling from Pune to Valhe. Preliminary reports suggest that the accident was caused by a burst tire on the ST bus. As a result, six individuals on board the ST bus sustained injuries, with one passenger suffering a broken leg bone and another sustaining a serious head injury.

The injured victims have been admitted to a rural hospital in Jejuri for medical treatment. Among the wounded are also soldiers, who were on their way to Alandi as part of the Warkari pilgrimage.


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According to the information received, the collision occurred around 8 pm on Saturday when an ST bus carrying workers and a pickup transporting chickens collided at Bhor Wadi Phata near Jejuri on the Palkhi highway. Both vehicles suffered significant damage in the accident. No lives were lost in this unfortunate incident.

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