Two Additional Second Class Chair Car Coaches Added to Pune-Mumbai Sinhagad Express

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Sumit Singh
Pune, 11th June 2023: In response to passenger demand, the Railway Administration has announced the introduction of two separate earmarked coaches for Pimpri and Chinchwad stations in train number 11010 Pune-CSMT Mumbai Sinhagad Express, effective from Sunday, June 11th.

Previously, a single coach was designated for both Pimpri and Chinchwad. However, to address the increasing demand and provide better convenience to passengers, the railway administration has decided to allocate the D-7 coach (8th coach from the engine) for Pimpri station and the D-8 coach (9th coach from the engine) for Chinchwad station.

This separate coach arrangement aims to alleviate overcrowding issues.
The current composition of the train consists of 16 coaches, with no changes to the remaining coaches at Khadki, Shivajinagar, and Lonavla stations.

By introducing these additional second-class chair car coaches, the Railway Administration aims to enhance the commuting experience for passengers traveling to and from Pimpri and Chinchwad stations on the Pune-Mumbai Sinhagad Express.