Pune: After COVID Pandemic Use Of Public Parks Decrease, PMC Wish To Draw More Visitors

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Aamir Wadwan

Viman Nagar, 1st September 2022: The use of public parks has decreased since the Covid-19 pandemic. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has stated that they aim to develop public and theme parks for recreation and aesthetic purposes. They also tend to permit photography and school trips in the garden to promote awareness.

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The PMC conducts daily maintenance and organizes garden management of all public parks. They also maintain horticulture items in the gardens and ornamental plant saplings in the parks. The PMC has installed swings, slides, and other rides for the enjoyment of children.


PMC Assistant Garden Superintendent Shashikant Bamble said, “The public visiting the parks is regular as it was during the pre-covid-19 era. The maintenance of the public parks is done regularly by the department. After passing the maintenance labour tender, the public parks will improve more as we have more gardens and less labour currently.”


Shashikant Dalvi, a resident of Viman Nagar and a member of a Senior Citizen forum, said, “I have been visiting public parks for more than 20 years. I regularly visit the Swami Vivekanand Udyan in Viman Nagar for walking and attending the senior citizen forum meetings. The public park has a track, an open gym, and rides for children to play. The PMC Garden department has done a good job in maintaining and developing the park.”




Pari Hamdule, Founder and President of ORDO Healthcare, said, “The PMC must arrange and promote awareness programs to make more people visit the public parks. Also, arrange more school picnics for the younger generation to be aware of the importance of nature and its practical knowledge.”