Pune: After Lockdown, Inflation Hits Common Citizens Now 

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Mumbai/Pune, 16th June 2021: Inflation has hit people as petrol-diesel prices are hiked, but the impact is not limited to fuel. Edible oils, pulses, vegetables have become expensive post lockdown. Considering the last three months, all the components have at least doubled in price. This has emptied the pockets of the common people who have already suffered due to pandemic and lockdown.


So far, the association has not taken any decision on the tariff. However, tempo and truck drivers have to raise fares at their level. Now, if diesel prices are not reduced, freighters will have to think seriously.


Pulses prices have risen sharply despite lower demand due to lockdown conditions. Pulses, which averaged Rs 100 per kg three months ago, have now reached Rs 150 per kg. On the other hand, the combination of edible oil prices and its availability has completely deteriorated. India imports 60% of its total edible oil requirement every year. This proportion has been reduced by 25 to 30 per cent.


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“Edible oil, which averaged between Rs 110 and Rs 125 three months ago, has now gone up to Rs 180-200 as the edible oil imports have declined. In addition, five per cent GST is being levied on it. Even if this GST is omitted, edible oils will be cheaper to some extent,” said Shankarbhai Thakkar, president of Edible Oil Association, Mumbai.

Rising graph of inflation (average rate per kg)

Type – February – April – Currently (mid-June)

Edible oil 90-110 110-140 145-225

Pulses 85-110 100-125 140-160

Vegetables 30-40 40-60 80-100

Prices of Petrol, Diesel and CNG in Pune city on 15th June

Petrol – Rs 102.48

Power – Rs 106.16

Diesel – Rs 93.05

CNG – Rs 56.60


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