Pune: After Six Months Sinhgad Fort Reopens, Over 500 Tourists Visit On First Day

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Pune, 13th October 2021: As the district collector permitted to reopening of all tourist places in Pune, Sinhgad Fort also opened for tourists on Tuesday, 12th October after six months. On the first day, more than 500 people visited the fort.


Also, the penalty fee has been increased by the forest protection committee.

According to the Forest Department, 203 vehicles passed through the check post which includes 140 two-wheelers, 43 four-wheelers and 20 passenger vehicles. Nearly 280 people went to the fort by two-wheelers, 215 people by 43 four-wheelers and about 50 to 60 people reached by passenger vehicles. Overall more than 500 people visited the fort on Tuesday.

To reach Sinhgad Fort, one has to go through the boundaries of the forest department. Therefore, the entry of tourists into the forest is considered a nuisance to the biodiversity here. Therefore, nuisance charges are levied on vehicles going to the fort.


Earlier, two-wheelers were charged Rs 20 and four-wheelers Rs 50. Recently the fees are increased and the fees for the two-wheeler is Rs 50 and for a four-wheeler, it’s Rs 100 from Tuesday.


‘My Sinhgad, My responsibility’ initiative has been started. Those who come to the fort should keep the sanctity of the fort. The devotees and tourists should co-operate to enhance the identity of the fort, said Rahul Patil, Deputy Forest Conservator, Pune