Pune: After Two Years, Sikh Community Celebrates Baisakhi With Fervour

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Camp, 17th April 2022: Baisakhi, the popular Punjabi harvest festival was celebrated in its traditional elan and style at New Club (Poona) Camp on Friday night.



The programme titled Baisakhi Di Raat by Sikhi World Awaaz and Poona Petroleum Company Private Limited saw the who’s who of the Pune Sikh Community attending the cultural programme. Sikhs in Pune celebrated the harvest festival after two years of lockdown hiatus.



Former MLC Mohan Joshi graced the occasion while Ajit Singh Rajpal, President of the New Club was the host of the grand event.



Rajpal said that the event was an important part of the vibrant cultural and religious festivals observed by the Sikh community in Pune. “ Programmes like these go a long way in creating strong bonds of communitarian spirit, friendship and brotherhood in the society. We will be holding many such events at our club to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of the community and our nation,” he said.



Sikh Helpline founder and ace badminton player Raj Singh said that the festival brings people from all communities on one platform and represents the cosmopolitan spirit of India.