Pune: Agent Caught Taking Rs 80,000 Bribe For Mandal Officer In Land Registration Case

Bribe ACB
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Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 1st April 2024: The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Pune unit has registered a case at Loni Kalbhor police station against an agent accused of soliciting an 80-thousand-rupee bribe from a farmer. The bribe was allegedly demanded to facilitate the registration process for 7/12 land extracts, with implications that it was required for the approval of the then mandal officer of Theur.

The individual named in the case is Vijay Sudam Naiknaware, a resident of Nagpur Chawl, Yerawada. According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Nitin Jadhav, the complainant, a 65-year-old farmer owning agricultural land in Kolwadi, was approached by Naiknaware, who purportedly demanded the bribe in exchange for securing approval from the mandal officer for the registration and modification of the agricultural land on the 7/12 land extracts.

Unwilling to succumb to corrupt practices, the farmer lodged a complaint with the office of the Anti-Corruption Bureau. Subsequently, ACB officials conducted a thorough verification of the complaint and found substantial evidence indicating that Naiknaware had indeed solicited the bribe on behalf of the mandal officer. Consequently, a case was registered against Naiknaware at Loni Kalbhor Police Station. However, the mandal officer is not booked.

Under the guidance of Superintendent of Police Amol Tambe and Additional Superintendent of Police Dr. Sheetal Janve, Police Inspector Shriram Shinde has been tasked with leading further investigations into the matter.