Corruption Allegations Rock Maharashtra Government: MLA Rohit Pawar Exposes Scam Worth Rs 6,500 Crore

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Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 1st April 2024: MLA Rohit Pawar today brought to light alleged corruption within the Maharashtra government, accusing Health Minister Tanaji Sawant of involvement in a scam worth Rs 6,500 crore. The controversy centres around the awarding of tenders for ambulance services to Sumit and BVG, companies that Pawar claims were favored for electoral funding purposes.

Pawar, who has been vocal about governmental malpractice, initially raised concerns regarding corruption in the supply of milk and food to tribal and backward class students. However, his focus has now shifted to the health department, particularly the awarding of tenders to Sumit and BVG.

During a press conference, Pawar asserted that these tenders were manipulated to benefit specific companies, alleging irregularities in the tendering process and the allocation of contracts. He accused Health Minister Sawant of orchestrating the scam and called for a thorough investigation, urging Sawant to resign from his position.

Moreover, Pawar criticized Sawant’s recent statement about leaks in dams, likening the alleged corruption to a spreading crab, metaphorically devouring the state of Maharashtra. Pawar highlighted various discrepancies, including discrepancies between cabinet decisions and written minutes, inflated ambulance purchase prices, and questionable contract awards to blacklisted companies.

The allegations have sparked widespread concern and calls for transparency within the Maharashtra government. Pawar has given Sawant five days to respond to the accusations, emphasizing the need for accountability and fair governance practices. As the controversy unfolds, the state awaits Sawant’s response and potential further investigations into the alleged corruption scandal.

Note: This report will be updated after getting Sawant’s response.