Pune: Air Pollution In Shivajinagar Reaches Dangerous Level 

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Shivajinagar, 11th November 2021: Air pollution in the Shivajinagar area of Pune city has reached dangerous levels today, according to air pollution records. 

It was reported that PM 2.5 further increased in the area and was found to be more prevalent.

While air pollution in urban areas is always expected to increase during Diwali, the air quality in the city was “good” during this period. However, air pollution seems to be steadily increasing after Diwali. As a result, air quality has dropped from a “good” level to a moderate level, and air pollution is expected to increase in the next two days.

Air quality in the city area deteriorated on Thursday. The city has an air quality of 132, according to the city’s IITM-Safar. At the same time, there was a significant increase in air pollution in most parts of the country. The highest concentration was in PM 2.5. 

According to Central Pollution Control Board standards, PM10 pollutants exceeded 100 per cubic meter in 24 hours, while PM 2.5 pollutants exceeded 100 per cubic meter in 24 hours. In Shivajinagar, the PM2.5 pollutant level is more than two hundred, according to the organization’s records.

The number of pollutants in different parts of the city

Locations-PM 10 -PM 2.5

Shivajinagar -138 -232

Lohegaon -107- 121

Kothrud -89- 104

Hadapsar -102- 98

Bhumkar Chowk- 116- 135

Bhosari -128 -166

Nigdi -129- 183

Why increase in pollution?

The traffic in the city is increasing day by day. As a result, carbon emissions from various types of vehicles running on the road, dust from the roadside mixing with the air are increasing the number of air pollutants. While traffic congestion is on the rise in many parts of the city, roads have become narrow due to repairs. As a result, traffic jams and traffic jams are taking place. This is further adding to the pollution.