Pune Records Lowest Temperature In Maharashtra, Colder Than Mahableshwar

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Pune, 11th November 2021: The minimum temperature in the Pune city area has been falling steadily for the last three days. Today, the minimum temperature dropped by 4.8 degrees to 10.9 degrees. The lowest temperature recorded in the state is in Pune, which is even colder than Mahabaleshwar.

Night-time temperatures have been steadily declining in the city. As a result, the citizens are feeling cold in the morning. Citizens are experiencing a cold chill due to light fog in some parts. The lowest temperature of the season was also recorded in the city area on Thursday. 

According to the Meteorological Department, the cold weather coming from the north is affecting the temperature due to dry weather in the city area. the minimum temperature in the city has been declining in the last three to four days. However, the low-pressure belt operating along the Central and South Arabian Sea and the cyclonic conditions at an altitude of 5.8 km above sea level are likely to affect the temperature in the state. 

The next two to three days will be partly cloudy in some districts of Konkan, Central Maharashtra, and Marathwada, including Pune, and minimum temperature, will rise in some parts of the country, the department said.

The minimum temperature in the last few days in Pune (in degrees Celsius)

Day- temperature (in degree celsius)

11th November – 10.9

10th November – 11.8

9th November – 12.7

8th November – 15.8

7th November – 20.6

Minimum temperature records in some major cities: (in degrees Celsius)

City- temperature (in degree celsius)

Jalgaon – 11.5

Nashik – 12.2

Ahmednagar – 13.2

Mahabaleshwar – 13.9

Satara – 15.4

Solapur – 15.5

Sangli – 17.1