Pune Airport in Turmoil: Passengers Navigate Delays and Cancellations Amidst Chaos

Pune airport
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Viman Nagar, 22nd January 2024: Passengers at Pune Airport find themselves caught in a web of delays, cancellations, and inconveniences, leading to frustration and confusion. The ongoing air travel hurdles race has left many passengers stranded as flights face delays of several hours, and issues at the airport compound the overall inconvenience.

Passengers are grappling with the repercussions of numerous flight delays, with some experiencing wait times of up to three hours. The lack of timely communication exacerbates the confusion, as airlines inform passengers of delays incrementally, leaving travellers in a state of uncertainty. Furthermore, the cancellation of two daily flights between Pune and Delhi until January 26 has added to the challenges faced by passengers.

Several passengers have raised concerns about the handling of delays, with many noting that such issues are particularly prevalent with IndiGo. The lack of satisfactory responses from airline representatives at the airport compounds the frustration of those affected.

The closure of Delhi Airport from 10.20 am to 12.45 pm until January 26, due to aerial exercises for Republic Day, has led to the cancellation of flights between Pune and Delhi. Passengers are grappling with the aftermath of these cancellations, further adding to the chaotic atmosphere at Pune airport.

Passengers have reported instances of baggage getting torn upon retrieval, with dissatisfactory responses from airline representatives. Additionally, concerns have been raised regarding the efficacy of the paperless “DigiYatra” process, as passengers find themselves needing physical tokens despite the purportedly paperless system.

The distance between the airport’s new terminal and Aeromall is over half a kilometre, leading to challenges for passengers in reaching the transportation stand. The airport authority’s decision to allow buses to transport passengers from the new terminal to Aeromall aims to alleviate this concern.

Passenger Statistics (November 2023)

– Total passengers: 7,71,331
– Domestic passengers: 7,65,820
– International passengers: 14,502
– Total aircraft: 5,119
– Domestic flights: 4,999
– International flights: 120