Pune: Ajit Pawar Plays Family Card as Baramati Votes: Mother’s Presence Steals Spotlight

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Baramati, 7th May 2024: Voting is currently underway in the Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency, capturing the attention of the entire state. The political climate in Baramati has been tense in recent days as Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar found themselves in confrontation. Throughout the campaign, both sides levied accusations against each other. In this Baramati showdown, the entire Pawar family rallied behind Sharad Pawar and Supriya Sule, leaving Ajit Pawar somewhat isolated. There were even suggestions that Ajit Pawar’s mother was displeased with his decisions. Against this backdrop, speculation arose that Ajit Pawar made a strategic move during Tuesday’s voting.

When Ajit Pawar arrived to cast his vote, his mother, Ashatai Anantrao Pawar, accompanied him. After they both voted, Ajit Pawar engaged with the media. During this interaction, Ajit Pawar emphasized the presence of his mother, stating, “The eldest member of our family is Ashatai Anantrao Pawar. It’s important to note that my mother is here with me today.” With this statement, Ajit Pawar achieved two objectives. Firstly, he subtly hinted at his mother’s seniority in the family, lightly teasing Sharad Pawar. Secondly, Ajit Pawar conveyed the message that his mother’s presence signified her support for him.

Ajit Pawar stated, “Until the last meeting, I emphasized that this election transcends mere familial or village interests. It holds the destiny of our nation, influencing the course of development for the next five years.”

Two days prior, Ajit Pawar’s brother, Shrinivas Pawar, had criticized him, making a significant statement. Shrinivas Pawar revealed that Ajit Pawar’s mother was distressed by the political discord within the Pawar family. He expressed, “Our Mother said, both my son and brother-in-law Sharad Pawar are equally dear to me. I do not wish to be embroiled in your conflict.” Shrinivas Pawar disclosed that due to this strife, Ajit Pawar’s mother had relocated from Baramati to reside with her sister in Pune. There were attempts to propagate rumours suggesting that Ajit Pawar’s mother was not supporting him. In response, Ajit Pawar brought his mother with him to the polls, dispelling all doubts raised by the opposition’s allegations.