Pune: Alarming Vehicle Theft Rate Plagues Chakan Area, Pimpri Chinchwad Police Struggle to Apprehend Culprits

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Chakan, 11th January 2024: The Chakan Police Station area is grappling with an alarming surge in vehicle theft, with one incident reported every three days, highlighting a disturbing trend that has left the community on edge. Despite the prevalence of CCTV cameras, the police struggle to apprehend the thieves, contributing to a low rate of detection and a growing sense of impunity among criminals.

Vehicles parked in various locations, including in front of houses, shops, on roadsides, and public spaces, are being stolen with increasing frequency. Even though surveillance cameras are installed throughout the area, law enforcement authorities are unable to effectively trace and apprehend the vehicle thieves. This emboldens criminals to operate in broad daylight, further escalating the situation.

Chakan has witnessed various types of theft, ranging from vehicle theft to stealing ATMs, mobile phones, two-wheelers, and heavy vehicles. Notably, companies in the Chakan area have also become targets, with thieves looting goods worth significant amounts from warehouses. The incidence of robberies, mobile phone seizures, and house burglaries adds to the growing concern.

Despite the involvement of the crime branch, law enforcement faces significant challenges in apprehending the thieves. Detection rates remain low, with numerous vehicle theft and other theft cases filed each year lingering unresolved for extended periods.

Recent incidents include the theft of Dibyaranjan Sanatan Biswal’s two-wheeler from in front of his house on January 7, Prakash Laxman Thackeray’s two-wheeler and Ogadram Dolaji Chaudhary’s two-wheeler stolen from Nanekarwadi on January 5. Additionally, Prakash Sakharam Jadhav had his mobile phone stolen while purchasing vegetables in the Chakan market on January 5. A case of jewellery theft through an open door was reported in Medankarwadi on January 5.

While Chakan Police recently arrested a vehicle thief named Ashok Madhukar Sonwane, recovering 12 stolen two-wheelers, the rate of crime detection remains a pressing concern for the community.