Pune: Alert Elderly Woman Passenger Helps Nab Thief In PMPML Bus

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Pune, 31st December 2023: Pune has witnessed a concerning surge in theft incidents targeting female commuters on PMPML buses, with the latest case involving the brazen cutting of a bangle from the hand of an elderly passenger. The incident occurred on Satara Road, where the quick actions of the victim and fellow passengers resulted in the capture of one thief while the search continued for his accomplices.


The 72-year-old senior woman, residing in the Jambhulwadi area, filed a complaint at the Sahakar Nagar Police Station detailing the harrowing experience. She was on a PMPML bus from Swargate to Jambhulwadi, standing amidst the crowded vehicle. Seizing the opportune moment, thieves entered the bus, and one of them skillfully cut a gold bangle worth 40,000 from the elderly woman’s hand using a cutter.


Faced with this audacious act, the senior woman raised an alarm, alerting fellow passengers to the unfolding crime. Undeterred, the thief and his accomplices disembarked at the next bus stop. Responding to the victim’s distress, passengers and concerned citizens in the Padmavati area swiftly chased down the identified thief, Chandrababu Alihussain Shaikh, aged 30, residing at Kondhwa Khurd. The apprehended thief was promptly handed over to the police.


Police Sub-Inspector Rahul Khandale is leading the investigation into the incident. While Shaikh is in custody, efforts are underway to locate and apprehend his accomplices who managed to escape.