Pune: Alleged TDR Scam in Wakad Sparks Demand for Investigation by BJP MLA Ashwini Jagtap

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Wakad, 28th December 2023: Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Chinchwad MLA, Ashwini Jagtap, has called for a thorough investigation into an alleged Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) scam in Wakad. MLA Jagtap has demanded inquiry by a retired Bombay High Court judge, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in the face of serious allegations.

MLA Jagtap has formally requested Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to intervene, expressing concerns over the construction permissions granted to a prominent developer. The controversy revolves around Reservation No. 4/38 in the Municipal Development Plan near Wakad, specifically earmarked for a Truck Terminus and Parking, and 4/38A for a PMPML Depot. Both reservations, totalling 10,274 square meters, have become the focal point of the alleged malpractice.

As per inclusive reservations outlined in the development plan, M/s Vilas Javadekar Infinity Pvt Ltd, the plot owner, entered into an agreement with the PCMC on November 6, 2023. The agreement stipulated the provision of 6,93,448 square meters of amenity TDR to the municipal corporation in exchange for permission to construct 87,318 square meters.

The approved construction cost stands at a staggering 568 crores 26 lakhs, translating to a construction area of 78,318 square meters. However, MLA Jagtap has raised eyebrows by pointing out that the construction cost, as per the Ready Reckoner for 2023-24, should be significantly lower at 26,620 rupees per square meter, as opposed to the approved 65,080 rupees. This discrepancy has led to a considerable increase in the amenity TDR, with the developer poised to gain an additional 1,136 crores, well above the expected 665 crores.

Moreover, MLA Jagtap has alleged a 671-crore windfall for the developer, insinuating possible collusion with municipal authorities. The legislator has called for a stringent investigation into the environmental clearance (EC) process, urging the developer to provide proof of excavation completion within seven days using Google Maps.

Further complicating matters, the TDR rules, which typically mandate a bank guarantee of 28 crores 40 lakhs, reportedly saw only a meagre 1 crore bank guarantee from the developer. Jagtap has also highlighted irregularities in the distribution of TDR, claiming that 25 per cent TDR cannot be granted without completing tillage, but the developer has allegedly misrepresented the progress by showing only 5 per cent completion.

In a final call for accountability, MLA Jagtap has demanded an investigation into municipal officials implicated in the incident, asserting the need for a comprehensive probe to unearth the truth behind the alleged TDR scam in Wakad.