Pune: An Insight Into The INR 33.80 Crore Revamp Of Akurdi Station

Akurdi Railway Station
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Pune, 22nd August 2023: Akurdi Railway Station in the Pune division is all set to undergo a remarkable transformation as part of the visionary Amrit Bharat Station Plan, spearheaded by the esteemed Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a stride towards rejuvenation, this station, among the chosen 16 from the Pune division, will receive a substantial allocation of INR 33.80 crore for its revamp.


Nestled along the significant Mumbai-Pune railway route, Akurdi Station, categorized as SG-3, holds immense importance, witnessing the daily pilgrimage of 14,829 eager travelers. At present, the station boasts two platforms and a foot overbridge that links the bustling suburban train services of the Pune-Lonavala route.


The station’s facelift is poised to encompass a range of developments, enhancing both form and function. The entryway lobbies will undergo a substantial facelift, accompanied by landscape enhancements, upgraded road surfaces, pedestrian pathways, and parking zones. Modern porticos, waiting rooms, and offices will be thoughtfully integrated, furnished with contemporary designs.


Existing infrastructure will undergo a substantial makeover, with roof treatments and enhanced waiting rooms, booking offices, and entrance lobbies. Central to the renovation will be the construction of a spacious 12-meter-wide pedestrian bridge, an emblem of accessibility. As part of the upgrade, the station will introduce two lifts and two escalators, facilitating seamless mobility for passengers.


Complementing these infrastructural advancements are key amenities designed to uplift the passenger experience. Upgraded train indication boards, train information video displays, and improved drainage systems are on the agenda. The station’s transformation is underlined by a commitment to uniform signages, ensuring clear navigation for all.


The station’s metamorphosis will not be confined to physical aspects alone; it extends to embody the essence of modern travel. New toilet blocks and inviting waiting areas will introduce comfort, while the station’s architectural elements, including its roof and interiors, will be thoughtfully adorned.


The Amrit Bharat Station Plan is a testament to the forward-looking vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Akurdi Railway Station stands as a proud testament to this initiative’s commitment to enhancing India’s railway infrastructure. The journey toward a new station experience, marked by accessibility, aesthetics, and modern amenities, has truly begun.