Pune: Another Eight Days In Demolishing Old Bridge In Chandni Chowk? Shifting Of Service Channels Stopped

Chandani Chowk Pune Demolition Old bridge flyover
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Pune, 16th September 2022: The demolition of the old bridge at Chandani Chowk is likely to be delayed for another eight days. Preparations before demolishing the bridge are in the final stage by the concerned private company. To solve the problem at Chandni Chowk, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has planned to demolish the old bridge at Chandni Chowk. This work is being done by a company in Delhi.
At present, the necessary preparations for demolishing the bridge are in the final stages. However, the work of shifting various service channels of this place has been stopped. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has removed most of its service channels. However, the municipal corporation itself has been requested to relocate other service channels.
Meanwhile, NHAI is expressing the possibility that it will take another eight days to demolish the bridge by shifting these service channels.
Also, the evacuation of local people in the area near the bridge, stopping the traffic within nine to ten hours after the bridge collapse, the arrangement for removing the debris after the bridge collapse, the manpower and vehicles required for the same, etc. are part of planning.
Apart from this, there must be no rain while demolishing the bridge. Otherwise, picking up the falling wet dirt is a tough job. Due to all these reasons, the actual demolition of the bridge is likely to take another eight days.