Increased Number Of Emergency Halts Of Trains By Passengers In Pune For Minor Reasons, 773 Arrested So Far

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Pune, 16th September 2022: Pune Railway division has seen an increase in the number of trains being halted by pulling the emergency chain for minor reasons such as delays in reaching the station or wanting to get off at a non-stop station. The Railway Police has taken a strict stand in this regard. 773 people have been arrested for such incidents.

Passengers can use the alarm chain to stop the train in case of safety concerns of passengers or other emergencies. If the passengers pull this chain, the locomotive driver stops the train immediately thinking there is an emergency. However, passengers have been using this emergency system for minor and personal reasons increasingly. Therefore, strict action is now taken in such cases.

As many as 960 instances of chain-pulling and stopping of trains for unnecessary reasons have taken place in the Pune division of Central Railway from January to August this year. Chain-pulling for unnecessary reasons delay the train. Due to this, other trains are also affected. Stopping the train by pulling the chain for personal reasons disturbs other passengers too. So, no one should try to stop the train through the emergency system for minor reasons. Pune Railway has requested that the passengers reach the station 30 minutes before the departure of the train.