Pune Athlete Arhant Joshi Receives Prestigious Shiv Chhatrapati Award For Roller Skating

Arhant Rajendra Joshi
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Pune, 16th July 2023: Arhant Rajendra Joshi, a talented athlete hailing from Pune, has been honored with the prestigious Shiv Chhatrapati award for his exceptional achievements in the field of Roller Skating. Arhant, son of retired ACP Rajendra Joshi, has been representing Maharashtra in the freestyle discipline for the past 11 years, showcasing his remarkable skills and dedication to the sport.

Throughout his illustrious career, Arhant has secured numerous medals at the national championships, establishing himself as one of the top roller skaters in the country. Notably, he has also made a mark on the international stage, earning two medals at the ASEAN championships. In 2014, he clinched a well-deserved bronze medal, and most recently in 2023, he proudly brought home a silver medal in the speed slalom event.

Arhant’s passion for sports extends beyond his accomplishments on the skating rink. He has pursued his education alongside his athletic pursuits, earning a bachelor’s degree in hotel management from AISSMS in Pune and a master’s degree in sports management from IISM in Mumbai. His educational background has equipped him with a well-rounded understanding of the industry, further fueling his ambition to make a lasting impact as an athlete.

Looking ahead, Arhant is determined to continue his journey as a professional athlete, aspiring to represent India at the world championships and bring glory to the nation by winning medals on the international stage. His unwavering dedication, coupled with his remarkable talent, makes him a true role model for aspiring athletes in Pune and beyond.

The recognition of Arhant Joshi with the prestigious Shiv Chhatrapati award serves as a testament to his outstanding contributions to the sport of roller skating.