Pune: Aurum Elementto Society in Lohegaon Introduces Unique Initiative to Boost Voter Participation

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Varad Bhatkhande

Lohegaon, 10th May 2024: In Lohegaon, the Aurum Elementto Society, in collaboration with the Prabodhan Manch Yerawada Bhag, is rolling out an innovative campaign to promote full voter turnout in the upcoming Member of Parliament election. To incentivize participation, residents casting their votes will receive a heartfelt thank-you in the form of a ₹100 discount on their monthly maintenance fees.

This initiative, driven by the idea of Society Chairman Dhiraj Dahale, Treasurer Akash Shilwant, and Aurum Elementto Management Committee, underscores the belief that every single voice matters in shaping the future of our community. With the unwavering support of Prabodhan Manch Yerawada Bhag, this endeavor aims to foster active engagement in our democratic process, ultimately making a positive impact on both our local community and the nation as a whole.

Aurum Elementto Society is situated in Lohegaon under the Pune Lok Sabha constituency, where the voting is scheduled to take place on 13th May. India is currently grappling with the issue of low voter turnout in elections, underscoring the significance of such initiatives for the vitality of democracy.

Dhiraj Dahale, the Chairman of the Society, expressed to Punekar News, “With over 250 flats in our society, the timing of the voting being on a Monday, coupled with the election holiday, may prompt many individuals to view this as an opportunity for an extended weekend and opt for vacations instead. However, by offering a discount of Rs. 100 on our society’s monthly maintenance fee of Rs. 2600, we aim to incentivize residents to prioritize their civic duty and participate in the electoral process. This initiative has been embraced by our society, as we believe it serves as a tangible incentive for our members to remain here, exercise their voting rights, and contribute to the strength of our nation’s democracy.”