Mumbai-Pune: Deccan Queen’s Journey Disrupted by Brake Binding, Passengers Evacuated Safely

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Mumbai, 10th May 2024: Passengers travelling on the Pune-Mumbai Deccan Queen were briefly alarmed when the train experienced a brake-binding incident, causing a 45-minute delay in its arrival at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) on Thursday.

As per a statement from a Central Railway official, the Deccan Queen, which departed from Pune to Mumbai at 7:15 am, encountered the issue around 8:30 am while awaiting signals near the descent on the Karjat-Khandala Ghat section. Smoke was noticed emanating from beneath one of the coaches by vigilant passengers.

In response, passengers promptly disembarked and alerted the onboard guard. Upon inspection, it was discovered that a fire had ignited in the wheels of one of the coaches. Fortunately, the guard took swift action, utilizing the onboard extinguishing system to contain the fire.

Harsha Shah, chairman of Railway Pravasi Group, Pune, highlighted that the Pune Mumbai Deccan Queen Express experienced a fire incident at Khandala Ghat due to friction-induced fire in the air-conditioned coaches’ tyres. This prompted the train to stop to prevent any further mishaps. Shah has been advocating for the replacement of poor-quality rakes by the railway administration to ensure passenger safety.

Initial assessments by railway authorities suggest that the steep descent from Pune to Mumbai may have caused excessive friction, leading to brake binding and subsequent ignition of rubber on the wheels. This incident mirrors similar occurrences beneath the coaches of both the Deccan Queen and the Deccan Express, attributed to heightened temperatures and increased brake friction.