Pune: Azad Samaj Party Exposes Rampant Drug Trade in Front of Symbiosis College In Viman Nagar

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Sumit Singh

Viman Nagar, 17th January 2024: In a shocking revelation, the Azad Samaj Party has exposed the thriving illegal drug trade taking place daily in front of Symbiosis College, Viman Nagar, Pune. Despite the recent Lalit Patil case drawing attention to drug-related issues in the city, this new revelation highlights the audacity of drug dealers operating in broad daylight without fear.

Advocate Tosif Shaikh, representing the Azad Samaj Party, brought attention to the illegal stockpiling of drugs worth crores of rupees right in front of one of Pune’s prestigious educational institutions. The illegal business is reportedly targeting students from renowned colleges and schools, enticing the younger generation with various payment methods, including cash, PhonePe, and Google pay.

As the investigation into the Lalit Patil case continues, the Azad Samaj Party is taking swift action to expose and address the drug menace in Pune. A case is being filed against the individuals involved at the Vimantal police station. The party is determined to make Pune a drug-free city in 2024, focusing on eliminating drug-related activities in reputed and elite areas, including IT companies and secure locations like the airport.