Pune: Bahujan Community Students To Get New Hostel Buildings

Bahujan community hostel in Pune
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Pune, 12th January 2024: The Bahujan community celebrated a key milestone with the bhumipujan (ground-breaking ceremony) of the Chhatrapati Tarabai Hostel in Shivajinagar. Shrimant Shahu Maharaj Chhatrapati graced the occasion and emphasized the importance of unity and support from philanthropists like young entrepreneur Punit Balan to uplift the community.

Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj lauded the community’s ability to progress together and highlighted the crucial role of education in achieving equality. He urged social and ideological figures to dedicate more attention to educational initiatives, citing them as vital for advancement on par with other communities.

Punit Balan Group Chairman Punit Balan, Manik Chand Oxyrich and RMD Foundation President Janhvi Dhariwal-Balan were prominently present on this occasion.

Punit Balan, Chairman of the Punit Balan Group, expressed his commitment to aiding the underprivileged through his endeavors. He acknowledged the honor of having buildings named after his father-in-law, Rasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal, and mother, Indrani Balan, at the hostel, recognizing their contributions to the cause.

The opening ceremony witnessed the presence of several dignitaries, including former former MLA Ulhas Pawar, City President of Congress Arvind Shinde, City President of NCP Prashant Jagtap, City Chief of Shiv Sena Thackeray Group Sanjay More, Pramila Gaikwad, Vice President of the organization Rajendra Jagtap, Honorary Secretary. Anna Thorat, Joint Secretary Vikas Gogawle, Treasurer Jagdish Jedhe, Satyendra Kanchan, Vilas Gavane on this occasion. Anna Thorat introduced the guests, and Amit Gogawle served as the moderator.

The new hostel provides students with a safe and conducive environment to pursue their academic aspirations, further empowering the community’s progress.