Pune: ‘Broken Manhole In Salunke Vihar Is An Invitation To Death’

manhole salunke vihar
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Pune, December 24, 2020: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) does not seem to be concerned about protecting the lives of the citizens. A huge iron manhole cover has broken down near Amba Vatika building in Salunke Vihar and despite repeated complaints to the PMC and informing the elected representatives, the picture on the ground remains unchanged.

Residents and commuters said that two-wheelers riders were meeting with accidents and fatalities can occur but no assistance was forthcoming. Sanjeev Sharma, a concerned commuter said that PMC administration was least bothered about the safety and welfare of the people.

“The PMC is imposing a penalty for not wearing masks and even raiding societies for not pending tax dues but when it comes to discharging its responsibility, it is completely unaccountable,” he said.

PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar could not be reached for the comments.

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