Pune: Chakan’s Once-Grand Footpath Now a Victim of Negligence

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Pune, 10th January 2024: The once-prominent footpath along the old Pune-Nashik road within Chakan Municipal Council’s jurisdiction has mysteriously disappeared, allegedly encroached upon. An estimated three crore rupees were invested in constructing the footpath three years ago, raising concerns about the apparent wastage of public funds.

Constructed under the Chakan Nagar Parishad, a 1.5-kilometer footpath on both sides of the old Pune-Nashik road has become inaccessible for citizens and senior citizens due to encroachments. This has sparked questions regarding the purpose and intended users of the footpath, with citizens demanding its restoration and clearance.

Despite citizens’ pleas, there are allegations that former councillors, mayors, deputy mayors, and the municipal council administration are turning a blind eye to the issue. The encroachment near the Marathi school of Zilla Parishad in Chakan poses safety concerns for students, who now lack a safe pathway for commuting.

Efforts by the municipal council, such as creating parking tracks with white paint for two-wheelers on the footpaths, have proven futile. Vegetable traders, pathariwalas, and others have allegedly occupied these spaces, undermining the council’s initiatives. The lack of attention from concerned officers and employees exacerbates the issue, leaving citizens without essential facilities like drinking water and toilets in busy areas.

Sandeep Chidrawar, Chief of the Municipal Council, acknowledged the encroachments, stating, “We take action against vegetable traders and pathariwales, but they encroach again. The footpath near the Marathi school in Chakan, with a considerable student population, will be paved to address the issue.”

As citizens continue to voice their concerns, the disappearance of the footpath remains a pressing issue, prompting calls for swift action and accountability from local authorities.